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" I have learnt invaluable skills in this course and it was one of the best decisions I made in jump starting my career."

I have learnt invaluable skills in this course and it was one of the best decisions I made in jump starting my career. I highly recommend The Shmuel Diamond School of Photography for anyone seriously interested in knowing the technicalities of proper photography whether for professional or personal pursuance.

Tamar Werner | View Website

"What I appreciated most about SDSP was dual focus on both the technical side of photography as well as photography as an art"

What is so special about Shmuel Diamond's courses is that we are able to move beyond skill.Shmuel was able to help us develop our own creativity and artistic style. He gave us business advice that has effected the success of my own business until today, as well as my confidence in starting from nothing and running my own business.

Miri Homa | View Website

"As soon as I started the photography course at SDSP I was given all the tools I needed to start using my camera"

Shmuel gave all his classes in an informative, practical and exciting way, giving everyone the confidence they needed to start their journey…

Chaya Cohen | View Website

"Shmuel opened my eyes to the world of photography and helped me kick-start my business"

I learnt so much from Shmuel's courses they where presented in simple and easy way and packed with practical tips . I especially loved the textbook that came with the course, it was so helpful not having to take notes and its great to use it as a refresher down the line.

Rivka Rishall | View Website

" I absolutely loved Shmuel Diamond's photography course! By the end of the course, I felt confident and capable to get out there with my camera and wow my clients! Highly recommended"

I It was intellectually stimulating as well as entirely practical. The classes were carefully structured following a direct and focused path through the world of photography and business with every lesson maximised to the full. Additionally, Shmuel's precise and clear way of teaching ensured that I left each class with total clarity on the topic covered.

Yocheved Joseph | View Website

"Shmuel's investment in each student's success really helped me begin on the path as a successful photographer"

Shmuel Diamond's photography course gave me the knowledge and experience to open up my own photography business. The course is taught in a hands-on manner that involves both the understanding of the camera as well as personalized practical advice.

Suri Katz | View Website

"Shmuel's course helped turned my dream into a realistic and achievable goal"

The course was extremely informative and, (what I found most importantly), confidence boosting, giving each of us the assurance that this is something we CAN achieve. What a brilliant and enjoyable investment to kick-start a career!

Chana Weisman | View Website

"After years of loving photography, I finally found an excellent course!"

Shmuel taught professionally with lots of patience. After taking the course, I have the knowledge and the right tools to photograph successfully . I'm glad I had Shmuel to guide and mentor me. I had the best expreince ever! I highly recomend The ZTP School of photography!

Rochel Solomon | View Website