Each lesson leaves you feeling more and more amazed at the wonderful world of photography! Shmuel is a fantastic teacher and explains every step of the way in a clear, patient and enthusiastic manner. An absolute must for those looking to study photography on any level! Many Thanks!”

Gitty Seidenfeld
Jerusalem, Israel

I'm now a photographer, and I'm thoroughly enjoying it. It's a big part of my life. I have one person to thank for that. Shmuel Diamond”

Bayla Metz
New York

One of the best aspects of this course is that it is taught not only by an incredibly experienced and talented photographer, but by an excellent teacher as well. Shmuel uses his vast knowledge of photography to teach the material in a clear, organized, hands-on, and exciting manner.”

Suri Katz

I had a fantastic experience, where I learned more than any other photography course I’ve done before… From the first day until now I have noticed a development as a photographer.”

Deborah Sarfatis
Jerusalem, Israel

Shmuel was able to get to the point and teach us a lot of material quickly, clearly and succinctly. He gave us tips that would have taken us years of practice to figure out on our own.The material was clearly taught, organized well, and the assignments helped me understand and internalize what we learned. Because of the weekly 45 minute photoshoots I pushed myself to try different techniques and practice.”

Fay Gersten
Jersualem, Israel

The fact that Shmuel is such an experienced and professional photographer, together with being an excellent teacher gave me confidence with what I learnt.”

Tamar Bordon

I was really amazed at how much I learnt in just 10 sessions and how much practical work I can manage too. A subject that could have be difficult or tedious to learn was made into a great experience.”

Chana Bernstiene
Jerusalem, Israel

Shmuel has a deep passion for art and photography and it really shines through when he teaches.I am forever grateful and would highly recommend these courses for anyone who would like to take their photography to the next level.”

Tamara Friedman
Jerusalem, Israel

Shmuel taught very clearly and each class was not only educational but also really interesting. I looked forward to the class every week! I have a much stronger understanding of the technical aspects of photography, and how to take better photos. I feel much more confident taking photos, and I would highly recommend this course to anyone interested in photography.”

Menucha Shuchatowitz
Jerusalem, Israel

Not everyone who is a photographer is also a good teacher, but Shmuel is really both, making sure everyone knows whats going on, he gives you all the tools that you need to become a great photographer.”

Naomi Sassoon
Jerusalem, Israel

The SDSP is amazing! I really enjoyed all the classes. They were taught really well. Shmuel Diamond is an amazing teacher. I would definitely recommend this course!”

Zahava Psley
Jerusalem, Israel

Learning photography from such an experienced teacher was amazing. Since he understands the concepts so clearly, he was able to convey the information in the best possible manner.The SDSP was truly an amazing experience. The curriculum and textbook were organized in a clear and logical manner.”

Rena Meystel
Jerusalem, Israel

The foundation course of SDSP was everything I hoped for. It was taught by a professional teacher who’s classes were clear, organized, and informative. Questions were encouraged and answered clearly and respectfully.”

Chana Reichert
Beit Shemesh, Israel

I’ve learned photography for two years and did not feel like the material was given over in a clear and professional way. However at the SDSP all the information came together in a clear and organized form making it easy for me to implicate and comprehend.”

Ilana Duchin
Beit Shemesh, Israel

The course is organized and taught in a highly professional manner. Each new skill builds on the one before and the lessons are extremely well thought out. More importantly, Shmuel teaches in a unique way that makes the material exciting and dynamic, it was fun to learn! I highly recommend that anyone who is serious about taking their photography to a high level participates in Shmuel diamond’s advanced photography course.”

Miri Homa
Jerusalem, Israel

I am thrilled with the SDSP! It’s been only a positive experience for me. I started not knowing anything at all about photography, and now I not only know how to use my camera but I learned so much about photography. It feels rewarding to look at my pictures and see how I’ve grown over the course of the classes.”

Michal Blumstein
Social Media Specialist

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